Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Photospheres in Google Maps

Have you ever seen a photosphere (360 image) while exploring Google Maps?...

These images are directly shared using the Google Camera Apps or any photography application that can capture the 360 view.  How about if you are using a DSLR with a fisheye lens to capture and create this type of image, can you still share these images in Google Maps? Yes, as this is my way of sharing photoshperes in Google Maps. There may be other procedures to follow but here's how I do mine:

     1. Shoot and create the 360 image.
equirectangular version of a 360 image
     2. Upload the equirectangular image to

Note: direct upload to google plus account automatically detects if the photo uploaded is a photosphere, hence, step 2 may now be ignored.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

At the Fuehrer's Capital

Got the chance to visit the Fuehrer's Capital, Berlin, during a training last Sept. 2013. Here is a collection of photos captured during my free time in this beautiful place.

Brandenburg Gate
Click on the thumbnail to view:

Neptune's Fountain 
Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

St. Mary's Church

Berliner Dom
Berliner Dom


Treptower Park

Treptower Lake

Treptower Station

Treptower Park


Ostkreuz Station

Checkpoint Charlie
Gleisdreieck station


Street Joint

Select your Job


Berlin street

Berlin street

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial 
Holocaust Memorial 
Brandenburg Gate

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Virtually Up North in Ilocos Norte

There are many wonderful places to visit in the northern part of the Philippines, to showcase a few, here is a collection of 360VR images taken in Ilocos Norte. Click on each image, move your mouse to any direction, and virtually experience being there.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Virtually in Coron

Here is a collection of 360 images taken from our trip in Coron, Palawan.  Step inside the 360VR images by clicking on the photo and dragging your mouse to any direction to see the whole view. 

To view more 360 images:

Exploring Coron

Visited Coron, Palawan during my last vacation.  Here are some photos taken during our island hopping in this paradise. 

Coron waters
(shot with the BIG stopper @ 60 sec. exposure)

Coron seashore

Mt. Tapyas sunset

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Back to Al-Mutla'a Desert

I was invited by friends to visit this place again on a cool Thursday morning. We started our journey at 540am at a meet-up point, then an hour or less drive to this place.  We brought in some fish, beef, and chicken to grill and somebody even brought a cooked "arrozcaldo" for breakfast.

Visit this link for my old post about this place Al-Mutla'a desert

Here are some of the photos I've taken during our trip:
Al-Mutla'a sunrise at 656am
The only dunes I've seen in the place were we stayed.
Al-Mutla'a dunes

Sunday, January 20, 2013

BAGUIO in monochrome

Reprocessed some old infrared photos taken in 2011 during my vacation back home. Editing in photoshop was not the straight forward conversion to black and white; I used the green channel, copied, and overwrite it to the RGB channel. Why the green channel?  As noted from a workshop, greens have good effect when converted to black and white. Below are some of the photos:

Wright Park

Wright Park Stairs

In the woods

John Hay fareway

Baguio Botanical Garden

Baguio Botanical Garden

Pacdal Circle

SM City Baguio

Monday, December 10, 2012

The BIG Stopper

Using filters in shooting landscapes/seascapes produces interesting results. In the below photos, I just used one of the filters which is the BIG stopper. The BIG stopper is a full ND (neutral density) filter that reduces the amount of light entering the lens by 10 stops. 
Sharq Seaside Sunrise
Shot Settings: f/16, 270 secs., ISO 100
The technique in shooting with this type of filter is by getting first the "correct" exposure of the photo you are going to shoot. Then, with the exposure chart that comes with the filter, you are going to base from there the exposure you are going to use with the BIG stopper. 

The Berlin Cathedral
Shot Settings: f/20, 30 sec., ISO 50
By the way, I'm using the LEE filter, other brands name the 10 stops filter in a different way, but for LEE, they name it as the BIG stopper.
Fintas Seaside Sunrise
Shot Settings:f/8, 81 sec., ISO 100
The Neptune Fountain
Shot Settings:f/18, 20 sec., ISO 50

As you can see with all the photos, the exposure is quite long, but the interesting result is that it makes moving waters into milky waters and very slow moving clouds to a fast moving one.
Fintas Seaside Sunrise
Shot Settings: f/8, 60 sec., ISO 100
So if you are a landscape enthusiast, this filter is a must in your camera bag.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

PRO.FOLIO - A Jerico Montemayor Photography Workshop

Jerico Montemayor, an international and local celebrity, fashion, editorial, glamour and FHM Philippines photographer held a photography workshop here in Kuwait last Nov. 16 and 17, 2012 entitled "PRO.FOLIO".   The aim of the workshop is to guide, help or develop photographers to build a "professional grade" portrait, fashion, glamour, and editorial portfolio.  These are collections of "quality" photos accepted by art directors of advertising agencies, print publications, and other media outfit. (note: most words taken from the workshop material)

The workshop was initiated by PINDOT (Pinoy Digital Photography in Kuwait) and was attended mostly by its members and a few other nationalities who are also photography enthusiasts here in Kuwait.

DAY 1 Participants

DAY 2 Participants
The shoot was conducted in and out the Holiday Inn Hotel in Salmiya. Here are some of the behind-the-scenes of the event.

Jerico demonstrating the different types of light used in an indoor shoot 

An interview with BME Correspondent Maxxy Santiago
The event was sponsored by Major Homes, Q8Realtor, Iszonica Modelling School, and Alghunaim Photography which provided the Profoto lighting equipment.

One of the indoor shoot 
Here is a 360 panorama of the outdoor shoot...

Here are some of my output on the workshop:

Model: Lila Ivady
Hairstylist:Marlon Malinao
MUA: Rhina Montemayor
Model: Leica Delos Santos
Hairstylist: Marlon Malinao
MUA: Marlon Malinao
Model:Linnette Shoeman
Hairstylist: Marlon Malinao
MUA: Rhina Montemayor

You can visit the below link to know more of Jerico's works: